• Monique Harding

Who needs Psychotherapy?

I love this little video by Alain de Botton for so many reasons. I love the way he normalises therapy as something that we all benefit from.

All of us go through life transitions, challenges in relationships and stressors. This is our humanness. At times, we will all feel anxious and overwhelmed. Therapy can help navigate these feelings and develop more insight as to why they may be becoming a problem when they haven't been in the past. Psychological therapy can help you develop the skills and tools to re-discover your unique strengths to tackle life's hurdles.

If you've been thinking about developing more insight into how your mind works, contact us at Ritual Counselling on the Gold Coast to see how we can help. I promise I won't have you lying on a couch either (like in the video) - we'll sit across from each other and chat like equal human beings.

- Monique

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