Relationship Counselling

"The quality of your life is ultimately determined

by the quality of your relationships" - Esther Perel

Relationships are your most important investment. They provide the foundation for not only love and connection but for family, wealth and recreation. However, strong relationships do not happen by chance! They require time and effort. Relationship counselling can help teach you the necessary skills and tools to renew, repair, rebuild and rejuvenate your relationship.


Couples seek counselling/therapy for a range of reasons. Some of the most common being; issues with communication, ongoing arguments, unfulfilled emotional and sexual needs, financial concerns and parenting conflicts. Sometimes this is because of a build-up of disappointment, frustration or resentment over time. Sometimes it is because of a crisis in the relationship such as an affair or a traumatic event like a major illness or death.

The good news is that relationship counselling has very good outcomes! It is normal for us to experience conflict in our relationship with our intimate partners. However, for this conflict to not become a problem, we all need a certain set of effective conflict management skills. This is where therapy can step in. 


Relationship counselling may be helpful if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • Ongoing conflict and arguing

  • Struggling with infertility 

  • Chronic hurt or fears of abandonment and rejection

  • Loss of trust in the aftermath of an affair

  • No arguing but little communication or closeness either - “I love them but I am no longer in love”

  • A lost 'spark' 

  • Couples considering separation or divorce

  • A pervasive past event or trauma that continues to reoccur in conflict

  • Sexual dissatisfaction

Contrary to what is often published in the media, the relationship counselling process is not simply sitting in a room with a third party airing your grievances. The field of relationships has been rigorously studied and the psychotherapy field is now full of knowledge of what it takes to create happy and healthy relationships. We also know that through extensive study that relationship counselling works!

The relationship counselling process is unique. It will involve an initial interview with both individuals, completion of detailed assessment tool (by both parties), individual interviews and then a coming together session for feedback and treatment planning. 

If you are unsure if relationship counselling may be helpful to you. Please get in contact with Monique at her Gold Coast clinic here to discuss further.